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Modern Engagement Ring Styles and Settings You Should Know About

Modern Engagement Ring Styles and Settings You Should Know About

A wide range of modern engagement ring styles and settings are trending. We think you should know about these because, while being unique and modern, a ring can still represent your love and commitment to a partner. Jeweler’s Touch has hundreds of engagement rings to choose from and can custom design one based on your vision. We’ll look at some contemporary engagement ring ideas that’ll inspire you now and for years to come.

Top Trends for Modern-Style Engagement Rings

Whether the ring you settle on highlights this year’s or a lasting trend, here are some of the top modern designs to consider:

Colored Gems

Diamonds are still the staple for engagement rings. However, many couples are breaking tradition and using colored gemstones like emerald, amethyst, blue topaz, sapphire, turquoise, ruby, or morganite, just to name a few. You can also mix and match stones, as many types will complement diamonds quite well. Or, you can choose from yellow, blue, pink, or orange diamonds.

Multiple Large Stones

Does a solitaire ring not feel romantic or impactful? Modern engagement rings can feature multiple large stones. A common variation is a three-stone ring. But if you have the budget, clusters of multiple diamonds and gemstones can be arranged to make your ring sparkle with a variety of colors.

East-West Settings

Traditionally, the stone is oriented vertically. An east-west setting orients it horizontally. This is not a new trend. However, it remains a popular alternative and works well with oval, pear, and cushion cuts. It provides an elegant and timeless vibe for a solitaire diamond.

Eternity Rings

If you prefer many smaller diamonds spreading the sparkle around the ring, rather than a single large stone, an eternity ring/band is an option. Many people choose to match eternity rings and bands and stack them. Eternity rings represent everlasting love, so are as meaningful as much as they are beautiful.

Pear-Shaped Gemstones

Pear-shaped diamonds are trendy for modern-style engagement rings. Smooth and graceful, these diamonds sparkle brighter than some other cuts, whether used in a solitaire or halo setting. Pear-cut gemstones also help make your fingers appear longer and more slender.

Wearers often see a pear-shaped diamond as reminiscent of a tear or joy. You can wear the ring with the diamond facing up or down to reflect your mood


The classic solitaire setting remains a timeless choice. Many contemporary engagement rings feature a single-center diamond. If you prefer simplicity, pair the stone with a plain metal band. The diamond will shine with no distractions, making it a sure sign of love and commitment. 

Double-Banded Engagement Rings

If classic styles such as solitaire or halo-style rings aren’t for you, try a double-banded ring. This concept is similar to stacking bands. The difference is the two bands are physically attached and the center stone is set in between. It often appears to be floating in the middle.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Warm and delicate, rose gold helps express your feelings toward a partner. Rose gold rings are modern yet have a vintage feel. The alloy of gold and copper isn’t new but has endured in popularity and remains trendy.

White Gold

A mix of yellow gold and silver alloy metals, white gold helps enhance the stone’s color. It is also highly durable. In addition, it has the shine of platinum and other precious metals at a lower cost and with no compromise in luxury. 

Halo Rings

A halo of small diamonds accentuates the center gem, making it appear larger. Halo rings can feature a great amount of detail. The center stone can be of any shape or size, while colored gemstones are often used as the centerpiece. The style is a glamorous approach to a traditional solitaire ring.

Pave Band Rings

Pave engagement rings feature small diamonds along the band, so it looks like a continuous diamond surface. The pave setting can grace just the upper side of the band or stretch all the way around. This is a style/setting for anyone who isn’t shy about luxury.

Cathedral Setting

The intricate design elements mimic the arches of ancient cathedrals, making the stone appear larger. The height accents the stones and adds sophistication to a modern-style engagement ring. If you’re seeking a vintage look that’s trendy today, a cathedral ring is a great choice.

Custom Modern Engagement Rings

Jewelers with modern computers, software, and milling equipment can custom-design an engagement ring. Therefore, you can choose the style, setting, diamond quality, gemstone, and design elements you prefer. Your ring will then be truly unique and personal. Custom rings are becoming more common and allow for a limitless range of possibilities.

Shop for Modern Engagement Rings at Jeweler’s Touch

Are you looking for an engagement ring that’s trendy, modern, or reflects a vintage look? Our skilled jewelers can help select from our vast catalog of ring styles, settings, and collections. Or, feel free to browse our engagement rings now.

At Jeweler’s Touch, we can design a custom ring just for you. We have various cuts, shapes, colors, styles, and settings available. You can also mix and match metals. Set up a consultation and we’ll listen to your ideas and help choose from a range of options. Contact us to set up an appointment

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