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Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Each passing year leaves us with yet another jewelry trend. So many choices, so many styles, and a wealth of materials and precious stones to choose from. But new and modern jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, especially when it comes to engagement rings.

It goes without saying that an engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry. And if your style is more traditional, going the classic route may be your best bet. Classic engagement rings offer a timeless and elegant look that you can’t really achieve with other styles.

For the bride-to-be that wants a simple yet eye-catching engagement ring, choosing a classic ring is an excellent choice. Let’s go over the most popular classic engagement ring styles so you can choose one that suits your personality.

What is a Classic Engagement Ring?

No matter what decade is being revisited in the current fashion industry, the timeless design of classic engagement rings never go out of style and are always in vogue. Fancy settings, different colored diamonds, and rare precious metals are still trending right now. But just because you’re not buying into the hype of the current over-the-top engagement ring craze doesn’t mean your choice has to be boring either.

Vintage-inspired engagement ring styles overlap with traditional engagement ring designs. Vintage rings have been making their rounds in fashion magazines and among celebrities, but are not for everyone. However, they do allow you to have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind engagement ring but still hold true to the traditional look.

If vintage rings are your style, you can always count on simplicity being a solid choice. Choosing a solitaire or three-stone engagement ring in a simple setting can really make the center diamond pop. Family heirlooms are another great way to get inspiration for your engagement ring as well. And if you happen to love the diamond or diamonds in the ring, but not the setting itself, you can always have an experienced jeweler, like Jeweler's Touch, reset the diamond in a classic ring setting of your liking.

Benefits of a Classic Engagement Ring

  • Versatile - One of the greatest advantages of owning a classic engagement ring is its versatility. When you choose a solid band with a simple setting, you’ll have even more flexibility when you choose a matching wedding band. You can also add to your engagement ring and new diamond bands in the future. This will also help make your engagement ring pop, and you can adjust that style as time goes on. It is nearly impossible to properly pair a more complicated setting or intricate band with anything other than a plain wedding band.
  • Affordable - Affordability is another perk when deciding on a classic engagement ring. Let’s face it: engagement rings are an investment, but not everyone wants to break the bank when shopping for this important piece of jewelry. Extravagant engagement rings can wind up costing you more than you can afford. By going with a simple diamond and a solid band, you can bring the price down considerably without skimping on style.
  • Timeless - Classic engagement rings are the perfect blend of sophistication and elegance. But as we stated before, you can still capture the timeless appeal of a classic style and elevate your ring. By adding small details like a double band or extra claw prongs, it can subtly give your engagement ring some flair by making it your own.


Top Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Here are the most iconic and popular classic engagement ring styles. Take into consideration your personal taste, or the style of the person you are going to propose to before making your purchase.

Solitaire Engagement Ring - Almost everyone knows about the eternal elegance of the solitaire ring, as it is one of the most popular classic styles. You can rock a variety of diamond shapes when you go with a solitaire engagement ring. The most common are princess cut, cushion cut, emerald, and round cut. If you want to be more adventurous, you can go with a pear-shaped diamond or an Asscher cut. Any of these choices would make for a stunning classic engagement ring.

Round Brilliant Ring - Round brilliant engagement rings offer maximum sparkle and versatility. You can choose to have your diamond or precious stone stand-alone or add a band of diamonds to really amplify the overall look. Another way to really make a round brilliant engagement ring all your own is to choose a less traditional metal for the setting and to add two extra prongs from the traditional four prongs to six. It can make a world of difference to the overall look and feel of your engagement ring.

Three Stone Ring - Just as the name suggests, a three-stone engagement ring has a total of three stones. This is definitely the most romantic of the classic engagement ring styles. This classic ring style features a center stone, flanked by two diamonds on either side. The featured diamond is said to signify the devotion and commitment you currently have with the side stones representing the future and all the years to come.

Halo Ring - The halo engagement ring is truly iconic. This ring style features a center stone with a ring of accent diamonds, like an angel’s halo, encircling the larger diamond. This classic engagement ring style is best when paired with either a cushion cut or princess cut diamond. Halo engagement rings provide a truly glamorous look and are great for those that like a little more pizazz on their ring finger.

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