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ArtCarved may be a household name to some, but others may not be aware of their long and illustrious history. ArtCarved was established in 1850 and began from a single engagement ring called the ‘Victoria’ that sent women swooning. Another notable milestone for ArtCarved came in 1950 when Hilton Hotel founder Conrad ‘Nicky’ Hilton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with an ArtCarved engagement ring. From that moment forth, it was full steam ahead for this rising jewelry brand.

ArtCarved is famous the world over for their intricate craftsmanship and engraved designs. They were the first jewelry company to offer seamless wedding rings, and also showcased their jewelry collection in an illustrated catalog. That was a major feat for the time. While their engagement rings have a more feminine flair, with Grecian style engravings, their line of men’s wedding bands is typically crafted to showcase a solid, more masculine appearance.

Reasons Why ArtCarved Jewelry Is a Superior Choice

Decades later, ArtCarved jewelry is still capturing the hearts and minds of both women and men across the globe. Their uniquely sculpted wedding rings have created lasting memories for so many throughout the years. If you are considering an ArtCarved engagement ring, wedding band or another piece of jewelry from this luxury brand, here are even more reasons why their jewelry is considered the best by so many.

  • Vast Price Range - One of the most surprising elements of this luxury jewelry brand is its affordability. While there are more expensive pieces to choose from depending on your budget, there are also rings priced well within most people’s price range. Feel free to browse their gallery of ArtCraved engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • Selection & Availability - ArtCarved jewelry is sold at top-tier jewelers around the world, including Jeweler’s Touch. Jeweler’s Touch has a wide selection of ArtCarved wedding rings to suit every taste and style. We love them so much that we chose to make them our feature jewelry designer for the month of February. With a vast variety of metals and design features to choose from, it is fairly easy to fall in love with more than just one ArtCarved jewelry piece.
  • Best Known for Bridal Bands and Engagement Rings - It is no mystery that ArtCarved is famous for their bridal selection, but even in that they have shown to be versatile in their designs and styles. Excited couples can choose from white gold, gold, silver and rose gold. One thing is for sure, both the bride and groom will be able to find the perfect piece of jewelry to honor their most sacred bond. Because their designs are so intricate, you’re unlikely to see other bands that can rise to this level of detail and quality craftsmanship.
  • Multiple Collections - Yes, you read that correctly. ArtCarved actually makes fashion rings and class rings as part of their awesome catalog of high-quality jewelry. Their company believes that important memories should be memorialized and jewelry is a great way to commemorate those special moments in time. And don’t for a moment think that all class rings are created equal. ArtCarved makes more ladylike class rings for those that don’t want the masculine appearance of a traditional class ring.

Whatever the occasion, Jeweler’s Touch is your trusted source for high-quality jewelry. Our team of GIA Graduate Gemologists, Accredited Jewelry Professionals, Certified Diamontologists and skilled Goldsmiths provide our customers an informative, fun & relaxed atmosphere. We specialize in custom-designed jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, and fashion jewelry. Let us help you punctuate time periods, celebrate landmarks, and create one of a kind pieces.

Start new traditions with Jeweler’s Touch. We have a wide selection of ArtCarved Jewelry, and we also specialize in custom jewelry and engagement rings. For the highest quality gemstones and conflict-free diamonds, call Jeweler’s Touch: (714) 868-7556

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