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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Late night conversations chock-full of worldly advice, sayings and jokes that make you cringe and smile at the same time, and some really questionable fashion choices, are just some of the things that make our dads, a dad! That’s why we love them, right? Father’s Day is a time to give back to the men in our lives that have selflessly sacrificed so much of their time, attention, and in some cases, their finances, to ensure our future is a bright one.

Whether you are celebrating the efforts of your biological father, foster dad, grandfather, or anyone that has been a father figure to you, trying to choose the right gift can get exhausting. We’re here to help you navigate the endless online catalogs of Father’s Day gifts so you can warm his heart as much as he’s warmed yours. Let’s start with a brief history of how Father’s Day came to be.

The Story Behind Father’s Day

The idea of Father’s Day was born in 1909 during a sermon in Spokane, Washington, and credited to a woman named Sonora Smart. It is said that Sonora was enjoying a Mother’s Day church service when she thought of her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, and turned to the pastor to ask, "Don’t you think fathers deserve a place in the sun, too?"

Sonora suggested that the special day be in June, since that was her father’s birthday month. Apparently the ministers and clergy agreed that a holiday to complement Mother’s Day that celebrates fathers and fatherhood would be a fantastic idea, thus began the tradition of Father’s Day.

According to TIME, Father’s Day garnered more widespread support in 1938 when the National Dry Goods Retail Organization announced that it would make an effort to extensively promote the holiday so that it could match the success of Mother’s Day. This led to the creation of the National Council for the Promotion of Father’s Day that furthered the holiday’s commercial popularity.

Traditional Father’s Day celebrations have extended well beyond America with 130 countries joining in on the fun. Countries that also celebrate this transitional holiday include China, Mexico, Japan, and the UK. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, Hallmark suggests that some 75 million greeting cards will be gifted this year, making it the fourth busiest holiday for sending cards.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sure, there are oddball gifts that you can give to your father. From aprons with funny quotes, meat bouquets, and scotch-infused toothpicks, the list of gag gifts goes one for miles. But when your aim is to be thoughtful and truly sentimental, you’ll want to be a tad more refined. Here are four Father’s Day gifts that are sure to get your dad choked up on his special day.

  • Stainless Steel or Gold Pendant - Give your dad a gift that shines as brightly as he does. Gold jewelry is always a fantastic gift for anyone, especially for your father. Gold pendants are a unique gift that can be customized to suit anyone’s personal taste and style. Pendants can make an ordinary gold necklace more masculine as well. By engraving a personalized message on the pendant you can commemorate the occasion with his favorite song lyrics or an inside joke that you both share.
  • Wristwatch - When you think of men’s jewelry, one of the first gifts that come to mind are watches. Watches are a traditional Father’s Day gift that can also be engraved with a heartfelt message to make it extra special. While gold watches are always a great choice, you may want to select something more modern and contemporary like a wooden watch face or an all black watch with rough leather bands for a more rustic and masculine look. If your pops still leads an active lifestyle and gets his hands dirty, keep your eyes peeled for scratch-proof glass and water-resistant watches as well.
  • Cufflinks - If your father still gets gussied up every once and a while or suits-up for professional reasons, chances are a nice pair of cufflinks would be a great gift for him. Cufflinks have long been tied to the appearance of wealth and power. Choose a pair of cufflinks that have a subtle gemstone embedded in them. They are sure to get a heartfelt reaction from your father.
  • Hand-Crafted Pocket Knife - Knives aren’t necessarily a common Father’s Day gift, but they sure are an interesting choice. Pocket knives come in handy for a variety of situations, and when you opt for a knife that has engravings or precious stone inlays on the handle, it creates a really special gift. There is a wide variety of customizations, materials, sizes and price points to choose from.
  • Money Clip - Is your father one of those men that overstuffs his wallet full of receipts and is constantly sitting on a large billfold while out and about? Well, this will solve his paper-hoarding habits by simplifying his wallet. Money clips are an excellent way to hold all of your money and identification without the bulkiness of a traditional wallet. Money clips are crafted out of a variety of precious metals and materials to complement his specific style.

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