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One of the most common questions people ask regarding jewelry is “how do I find jewelry repair near me?” Fine jewelry is not only a financial investment. It is also sentimental and meaningful. It’s understandable you might feel apprehensive when leaving a wedding ring or heirloom with the jeweler. So here are some tips on finding the right jewelry repair professional you can trust.

Find a Certified Jewelry Store

Specialty institutions and trade associations have strict guidelines for members. When searching for jewelry stores, check if their staff has certifications with top organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society, or Jewelers of America. Professionalism, quality of service, and business practices are closely examined to ensure only trustworthy businesses maintain membership.

Know the Type of Repair You Need

Chains are notoriously difficult to repair. A chain, even after it’s fixed, won’t be as strong as it once was, and the chain may be a little stiff around the links at the repair site. This is a common issue with very small, light chains or ones that are badly damaged. Your jeweler might charge extra to repair rope and cable or herringbone chains. High-quality prong repair is essential as the prong should be the same size and dimensions and go completely over the crown of the stone. Jewelers may replace the prong, re-tip it by adding metal to the top or replace the prong head.

Before agreeing to any service, make sure the jeweler is experienced and knowledgeable about the specific type of repair.

Check the Store’s Reputation

A friend or family member can recommend the best jeweler to go to for repairs. You can also read online reviews. But anyone in your community who has done business with them should be helpful, as jewelers often seek to establish long-lasting relationships with customers, families, and communities. 

Get a Quote

Visit several reputable jewelry stores and ask for a quote on the repair service and a time estimate. It helps to know what you can afford and compare the quote accordingly. The value of the jewelry and the cost of repair is also important for insurance purposes. Research to make sure the pricing is fair. If a discount is too deep or a "sale" simply reflects average pricing, that is a red flag.

Importance of High-Quality Repairs

The repaired section of a jewelry item should look the same as the rest of the piece, with matching color and luster. Tool marks, visible seams, and loose stones are issues that you want to avoid. Cutting and soldering are often used to repair chains and resize rings. A jeweler must have the skill and expertise to properly repair items without signs of cutting or soldering being detectable.

Can I Have My Jewelry Repaired at a Different Store Than Where I Bought It?

If you’re confident in the store’s capabilities and qualifications, then you can take it there, even if that’s not where you purchased the item. Jeweler’s Touch will repair any piece of jewelry, no matter where you originally bought it from.

Schedule Jewelry Repair with Jeweler’s Touch

If you live in Brea or Orange County, high-quality jewelry repair near you is within reach. We complete most repairs in 3 to 7 days, but you can watch your ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet be repaired through our viewing window. Our jewelry experts replace diamonds and gemstones, restring beads and pearls, and provide engraving and rhodium plating services in our on-site studio. We also ensure the safety of your jewelry and insure it when it’s in our possession. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 714-579-1616.

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