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Are Gemstones Worth Anything If They Are Broken?

Are Gemstones Worth Anything If They Are Broken?

Some people are superstitious about wearing broken gemstones. Others feel that it brings good luck. The truth is you can wear broken gemstones. The question of whether a gemstone is worth anything if broken depends on the level of damage and if the stone can be repaired.
Nevertheless, breakage can certainly result in a loss of value. A worn, chipped, or cracked gem may appear duller and surface damage can make it difficult to cut and polish.

Broken Gemstones Can Retain Some Value

Most gemstones form by being crystallized deep underground in molten rock or through the deposition of minerals in an ocean, lake, or river. Preexisting rocks can become heated and pressurized, allowing gemstones to form via metamorphism. The one thing gemstones all have in common is their beauty. They’re prized around the world for colors and patterns not seen anywhere else. Many types of precious and semi-precious gemstones are used to make jewelry, some of which are extremely rare and valuable.
A gemstone may appear damaged, but only a jeweler can tell you the exact impact on its value. They will use a loupe, a type of magnifying glass, to fully assess its condition. Tiny surface scratches are less of an issue than cracks or chips. A jeweler can sometimes polish or reset a gemstone to repair it (unless it has completely shattered). But minor scratches or discoloration may be considered natural to the stone. The decision to repair it must be made with discretion.

Is a Broken Gemstone Still Usable?

Gemstones can be reused. If you break one, there’s a chance that it can be modified. Therefore, it’s worth it to assess the broken gemstone; a jeweler can tell you a great deal about its condition with a visual inspection and precise measurements. Semi-precious gemstones in less-than-perfect condition may not be as valuable as diamonds, but there are things you can do with them. Some examples include:
  • Use gemstone fragments from a necklace to create gemstone hair pins.
  • Convert a pendant emerald into a piece for a ring or charm.
  • Reuse broken pearls by restringing them into a small strand.
  • Change the setting to a new metal, for example, from silver to gold.
  • Add diamond highlights to the side of the center stone.
  • Alter the setting of the jewelry, drawing attention away from the damage.
  • Recast a stone from a stud earring into dangling earrings.

Have Your Gemstone Repaired by a Jeweler

There’s really no proven method of fixing damaged or broken gemstones at home. A professional jeweler can often make repairs. After assessing the damage, they can repair the stone by polishing the surface. The repaired gem is then cleaned and polished again while a tight quality assurance process is followed. If the gemstone cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a similar one that’s cut to fit the original setting on the jewelry item.

Find Out If Your Broken Gemstones Are Worth Anything

At Jeweler’s Touch, our GIA certified gemologists have the knowledge and skills to value your broken gemstones and determine how to fix them. We can convert your jewelry and custom design new items based on your vision and inspiration. Browse our education section to learn more about gemstones, diamonds, precious metals, and more. To discuss a repair or receive advice on a purchase, book an in-store, virtual, or curbside appointment online, or call 714-579-1616 today.

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