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Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

You’ve mustered up the courage to pop the question, and have found that perfect diamond ring. The next step is to come up with an unforgettable marriage proposal. Your goal is to be impressive and irresistible while being unique, yet not too cheesy. Here are a few unique marriage proposal ideas to make it a moment that neither one of you will ever forget.

While marriage proposals can be hard to think of, don’t be afraid to be original. You want it to be unique to your relationship. Some possible ideas to build from include:

At the Beach

If your partner enjoys being near the ocean, it shouldn’t be hard to convince them to take a trip to the beach. A creative way to propose is to reveal there’s a sand drawing contest. Even enlist the help of a lifeguard to explain the competition! When it’s time to create your drawing, write out your marriage proposal to create a spontaneous, and hopefully unforgettable, moment.

During a Photoshoot

Hiring a photographer to follow you around all day might raise suspicion. You can try hooking your phone up to a tripod and hoping it catches the moment. The photoshoot proposal can be a challenge to pull off, but the most spontaneous idea may be a photo booth proposal. Once you’re both in the booth and the shutters are active, reveal the ring and have a snapshot of that surprised expression for the rest of your lives.

Scavenger Hunt

Have your partner search for clues to your intent. The scale of this idea is up to you; it can be done in your own home. Places that are meaningful to your relationship can work as well, such as solons, boutiques, or outdoor locations such as their favorite park. Include notes, cards, or voice recordings stating the importance of these places, keep going until there’s the perfect spot with a romantic view, and deliver your proposal. Family and friends can be involved in planning and celebrating as well.

Express Your Creativity

Being a writer gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to proposing. Try writing a love poem or short story and ending it with a marriage proposal. Writing a love song can be great as well. Perform the song, or even record it professionally, and propose afterward.

Puzzle It Up

There are many retailers that customize jigsaw puzzles. Order a puzzle with your question on it and see how surprised she is when the puzzle is finished. Or, fill a crossword puzzle with the big question inserted where there is enough space. It’s best to create your own puzzle and add other general questions to not get her suspicion up. After all, using an existing crossword puzzle and writing over where correct answers go might spark an unwanted response.

Online Proposal

This is perfect if you and your partner share a zest for technology. Just about everyone is fond of deals. Mention a website that has a deal on her favorite item, or that covers something she’s interested in. Except it’s an interactive site you created. The big question should be obvious to find. Be there with her when checking out this “site”, so to share this memorable moment together.

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