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“Must See” Unique Engagement Rings

“Must See” Unique Engagement Rings

It seems every bride wants that sparkling diamond ring. At least that’s how it used to be. Unique engagement rings have become a more common sight. They let you, well, be you (which a traditional style doesn’t always allow) and express your style, creativity, and individuality. Here, we’ll look at what goes into creating a “must see” engagement ring.

Alternative, Non-Traditional Designs

Could you imagine an engagement ring without a center diamond? No rule says you need one. Many brides-to-be pick alternative gemstones, engravings, and intricate details. While unconventional, rose-cut diamonds are often desired for their multiple facets and sleek look. Gemstones remain chic and it’s not unheard of to combine different ones, including emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts.

Vintage Designs

Being unique can reflect your passion for vintage designs that in a modern world may seem one-of-a-kind. Rings can reflect the styles of the Georgian era or Victorian era. Art Deco rings are vibrant, geometric, and sophisticated. Retro rings are bold and dazzling. Whatever era you feel best reflects your style, there’s a ring to go with it.

Custom Engagement Rings

You’re not limited to the collections and items a jeweler has in stock. Many, including Jeweler’s Touch, offer custom design services. A one-of-a-kind “must-see” engagement ring can be made using your concept and images that have inspired you. A wax model or computer-generated image can be created and, once you approve it, production can begin. Soon you’ll have a standout ring that represents your vision, personality, and unique character.

Elements of a Standout Ring

Creating a “must-see” unique engagement ring requires a few considerations. Here are some to think about as you embark on your journey:
  • Color and Shade: Rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, and other metals can provide a head start on the perfect base color, while gemstones can help choose from a diverse color palette. Do you prefer a darker, lighter, moodier, or more elegant ring? Your jewelry can be bolder or softer depending on what materials you choose.
  • Unusual Cuts and Shapes: A simple prong ring and round-cut diamond are fine for some. But instead of the traditional roundness, others like an engagement ring that is more organic and flexible in design. Meandering shanks, off-center gemstones, bold geometry, and unusual blends of shapes and cuts of gemstones can create a unique and striking engagement ring.
  • Be Creative with Style and Setting: It’s so typical for a ring to have a symmetrical design. A more contemporary look has focal gemstones placed off-center. An asymmetric design creates a more uncommon, unique look not expected of an engagement ring.
  • Play with Scale: Engagement rings usually have slimmer bands, but come in all shapes and sizes. The thicker band of a tension-style ring allows for more flexible gemstone placement. You can also layer textures, colors, and different metals with stackable rings.
  • Mix and Match Metals: People typically settle for gold or platinum engagement rings. Why not try black sterling silver or mix and match yellow, white, and rose gold in an interwoven design? Men’s wedding band designs often mix metals. There’s no harm in creating matching rings that take this path.

Find or Custom-Order Unique Engagement Rings from Jeweler’s Touch

Jeweler’s Touch is a leading source of engagement rings and other fine jewelry in Southern California. If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, browse our many high-quality collections or have our design team craft a custom ring just for you. To learn more, browse our inventory, educational resources, and services or make an appointment online. Or, call 714-579-1616 to speak with us directly.

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