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Top 8 Stylistic Ideas for Sterling Silver Earrings

Top 8 Stylistic Ideas for Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver (the rest being nickel, copper, or other metals). It is popular for its sparkle, strength, and durability. Sterling silver earrings are also easy to style, as they allow many ways to accessorize. You can attain a classic look or be as unique and creative as you want. Here are eight stylistic ideas to make your sterling silver earrings pop.

Sterling Silver Earrings Style Ideas


1) Try a Minimal Style

Silver earrings don’t have to be big or adorned with fancy gemstones. Simple earrings are contemporary and hip. They can create a memorable look, especially if you wear your hair up or in a modest updo. Simple clothes, solid colors, and subtle chain necklaces work well with this stylistic approach.

2) Go Retro

Large sterling silver hoops create a retro look and can be combined with other silver or white gold jewelry. Silver anklets and a headband can complete the look. There’s no need for a necklace if you’re going for a totally retro theme. But if you really want to be seen, choose a vibrantly colored dress and shiny dress shoes to the mix. 

3) Create an Elegant Look

Elegant and beautiful, silver jewelry is great to wear to a formal event. Sterling silver earrings can be paired with a black silk gown or a vibrant color like burgundy or royal blue. Therefore, they provide a versatile choice no matter how formal the occasion is.

4) Be a Glam Rocker

If you dig the glam rock look, you can add two or more small sterling silver hoops or combine earrings of different styles. A thin choker or a silver collar necklace, a large cuff bracelet, a silver ring, leather shorts, a printed crop top, or lace boots will help refine the look. 

5) Mix Your Metals

Mixing metals has been a persistent trend. If you’re wearing earrings of sterling silver, you can be chic by adding a gold charm to an earring or wearing a gold pendant necklace with a woven design. A textured silver bracelet adds an interesting touch. To complete the mixed-metals look, add a gold bracelet or ring to your repertoire.

6) Stud Earrings

Sterling silver stud earrings remain classic and suit many skin tones, outfits, age groups, and personal styles. They complement a wide range of stone colors. If you’re thinking of adding a stone, try quartz, amethyst, green onyx, and other stones with bold hues. Sterling silver is also light, so it avoids the comfort issues associated with heavier pieces. And you can get a lot of use out of stud sterling silver earrings, as silver is resistant to scratching, tarnishing, or water damage. 

7) Hoop Earrings

Hoops are great statement earrings. A sterling silver hoop can help complement the contours of your jaw and cheeks and draw the eye toward the face. Plus, they can be worn with any outfit. The lightness of sterling silver makes it ideal if you’re going for a larger pair of earrings.

8) Dangle Earrings

A pair of long, delicate dangle earrings stand out, especially when they are sterling silver earrings. You can wear them with a chic dress or an elegant evening gown. However, sterling silver dangle earrings are also perfect for a casual occasion or an evening out on the town.

Shop at Jeweler’s Touch

We hope these stylish ideas for wearing sterling silver earrings inspire you to create a look all your own. You can find a range of silver and other earrings in our online catalog. Some are paired with elegant gemstones. Also, feel free to visit or make an appointment at our store, conveniently located in Brea, CA. For more information on our sterling silver earrings, call (714) 579-1616.

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