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Anniversaries are to be remembered and celebrated. Anniversary jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to honor the one you love. Purchasing something special doesn’t have to break the bank though. There are a host of anniversary jewelry ideas that will dazzle that special someone, and serve as a lasting memory to commemorate the milestones in your relationship.

Above all, ensuring that you purchase diamonds, gemstones or precious metals from a reputable jeweler is paramount. There is no harm in trying to find a good deal, but consumers should be warned that buying jewelry from websites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist could mean they end up with a fake. Always consult your jeweler before making any major jewelry purchases.

Milestone Anniversary Jewelry Ideas

Every anniversary has a particular gemstone, metal or alloy that is connected to it. Milestone anniversary gifts are especially important. We’ve put together a shortlist of the most popular anniversary jewelry gifts for her, and for him.

1 Year Anniversary Gift - Phew, you made it to your one year anniversary. Seems like it flew by, right? When the first anniversary rolls around some couples are still busy paying off wedding and honeymoon expenses. This is a great time to keep things sentimental and simple. 1st year anniversary gifts are typically gold watches. A gold watch is a great gift for him, and for her. Solid gold has recently skyrocketed in price, so if you want the look without the price tag, you can opt for a gold-toned or gold-plated watch instead. Personalizing the back of your gift can add an extra element of intimacy as well.

10 Year Anniversary Gift - Diamonds are the go-to gift when you reach that 10-year milestone. Nothing is more deserving of oohs-and-aahs than diamond jewelry. Classic diamond stud earrings are always a solid choice. There are also a lot of options and price points when it comes to diamond earrings. Lab-grown diamonds, or Newborn Created Diamonds, offer flawless beauty without making your wallet wither. Depending on your man’s style, subtle diamond studs are also a great choice for him as well.

20 Year Anniversary Gift - The 20 year threshold calls for emeralds. Emeralds are the official 20th anniversary gift and are one of the four precious gemstones found on Earth. There is an elegant and almost magical quality to emeralds. They can be set in a beautiful necklace or ring to create a stunning look. Buying emeralds can be a little tricky though. Beware of buying a loose emerald, as they are more difficult to cut and set. Opting for an emerald that is already mounted in a ring setting or necklace may be your best bet. Be sure to check that the setting you choose properly protects the side of the stone from getting chipped. Any reputable jeweler will further inform you on how to care for your emerald jewelry. Emeralds create a timeless appearance and will be sure to awe onlookers.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift - According to tradition, silver jubilee signifies a quarter-century anniversary. The actual definition of jubilee is: A special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity. An anniversary band made from white gold, platinum, or silver-tones is a bold and elegant choice for a 25th anniversary gift.

50th Anniversary Gift - Fifty years of partnership is quite the feat. This is an excellent time to buy new wedding bands, as the old ones are likely to have experienced significant wear and tear. While gold bands are made to last, fifty years is quite a long time. Buying new wedding bands for one another is a great way to preserve the existing ones and hold on to them as a keepsake. You may want to consider a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate five decades of wedded bliss.

Other Anniversary Gift Ideas

It isn’t always necessary to lean towards tradition. There are a wide variety of anniversary gifts that your jeweler can recommend for you. Choose pieces that showcase the uniqueness of your union and that compliment the personality of your partner. You can’t go wrong if your anniversary jewelry gift comes from the heart.

Some thoughtful and very popular anniversary gifts include:

An engraved locket that has a picture of your and your significant other in it
A pendant with your lover’s birthstone
A charm bracelet
An antique piece of jewelry professionally refurbished and cleaned

If taken care of properly, fine jewelry should last lifetimes and is a great investment. No matter what piece of jewelry you choose to gift your loved one for your anniversary, it is advised you visit your local jewelry shop and speak to a professional. Buying precious jewelry from unlicensed sources can land you in a pickle. Fake diamonds and knock-off jewelry are abundant online. Reputable jewelers are likely to have the best quality stones, and are able to offer you a fair price.

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