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Kismet Diamonds

Jeweler’s Touch Kismet Diamonds

Radiance beyond compare, adorned with impeccable cuts so precise that the only place for light to escape is through the very top of the diamond. These precise cuts are what create our Kismet Diamond’s signature radiant beauty. The cut of a diamond dictates the direction that the light reflects out of it, which ultimately determines the brilliance of its shines. A diamond cut too deep or too shallow will leak light out the sides, as well as the bottom. Utilizing perfect cuts, we can offer our customers premier diamonds with unprecedented sparkle. We are incredibly particular about the diamonds that we accept into our coveted Kismet Collection available exclusively at Jeweler’s Touch.

Premier Diamonds With Unprecedented Beauty

We believe that our premium cut collections should only include diamonds of pristine condition. Attuned to detail, we diligently inspect every round; premier cut diamond. In fact, each Kismet Diamond is hand selected by our very own graduate gemologist based on its premium cuts, clarity, color, and visual brilliance. Meticulously following our premier diamond standards, we ensure that each diamond in our Kismet Collection has a brilliantly, eye-catching sparkle. It’s no wonder it is one of our more desired collections to date.

  • High-quality, premium diamonds exclusively offered at Jeweler’s Touch.
  • Diamonds are hand selected based on degree of clarity, color, and visual brilliance.
  • Each diamond over 1/2 carat comes with grading report from an independent lab.
  • Every diamond has premium cuts, reflecting light to perfectly create its signature shine.

Diamonds Chosen Based On Customer Desire

We believe that offering premium diamonds involves discovering what intrigues our customers. We have spent a great deal of time researching the type of diamonds that they prefer. This diligence allowed us to streamline our collections only to carry the diamond qualities that we know our customers desire. Our premium cut Kismet Diamonds range from 1/4 carat to 2 carat, each with their own exceptional qualities. Our diamond experts have experience in matching the perfect diamond for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a diamond to mimic how your love’s eyes always catch yours, or one to simply melt her heart, our Kismet Collection knows how to take her breath away every time.


Your jewelry is special and we want you to be able to wear it with confidence.