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4 Steps to Take if a Diamond Falls Out of a Ring

4 Steps to Take if a Diamond Falls Out of a Ring

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Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry can seemingly last forever. But even the highest quality rings crafted for durability and frequent use may experience regular wear and tear, damage, and other factors that can cause a diamond to fall out of a ring. Getting your jewelry back to its usual sparkly shape only takes a few simple steps, and Jeweler’s Touch in Brea, California, is here to help.

Causes of a Diamond Falling Out of a Ring

Even high-quality and expertly crafted jewelry pieces can lose their diamonds, sapphires, or other fine gemstones. Here are a few factors that contribute to lost diamonds and stones:

  • Wear and tear: Sports, exercising, cleaning, and similar activities can be hard on rings over time, and even minor damage can accumulate with heavy use and wear out jewelry metal or cause stones to shift in the setting. 
  • Improper setting: Weak or improper settings from manufacturers are uncommon and are usually the result of a rare defect. It doesn’t generally reflect the brand’s overall craftsmanship. But, some settings can be less secure, such as channel or tension settings. 
  • Weak prongs: Settings often require adjustment over time and may weaken without proper care. Delicate prongs or claws may be more vulnerable to damage and can bend or break.
  • Impact: Knocking against, dropping, or other impact to your ring can dislodge the stone from its setting.
  • Cleaning: Some cleaning devices may be too harsh for certain pieces of jewelry and can dislodge stones. Even gentle cleaning that removes microscopic oil and debris buildup within a setting can subtly loosen diamonds and other stones.

  • What to Do if a Diamond Came Out of Your Ring

    Losing a diamond from your ring is stressful, but these steps can help you restore your jewelry to its regular sparkle.

    1. Store the jewelry or stone in a safe place

    As soon as you notice a missing stone, remove your ring and store it somewhere secure to avoid further damage, preferably in a zip-top plastic bag or a jewelry box. Check the surrounding area, retrace your steps to look for the lost stone, and store it with your ring. Look for other signs of damage, such as damaged prongs.

    2. Visit a jeweler

    Contact a reputable jeweler who can provide specialized jewelry and diamond repair advice. Once you bring your jewelry in, they can assess the damage and recommend repair options,  such as repairing the setting or replacing a damaged or missing stone, and provide an estimate. 

    The total repair cost depends on the nature and extent of the damage. For example, if you can't find the original lost stone, your costs may include a replacement diamond. If you purchased the ring from Jeweler’s Touch and it’s still under warranty, we can tell you if your ring’s damage qualifies for a warranty repair.

    3. File an insurance claim

    If you have an insurance policy for your jewelry, it may cover the cost of damage and lost stones to your ring. Check with your insurance provider. 

    4. Prevent future damage

    Jewelers can replace stones with comparable pieces, but losing stones is stressful, especially when it comes to bridal jewelry or other sentimental pieces. These proactive strategies can help you maintain the condition of your ring and minimize the risk of damage or lost stones:

  • Regular maintenance: Schedule a professional inspection, service, and cleaning every 6 months to a year. Jewelers can repair worn prongs, secure loose stones, adjust sizing, and ensure the overall condition of your ring.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Remove your ring before cleaning or other activities that use harsh chemicals, such as bleach or chlorine, as these can eat away at and damage the integrity of your ring’s metals.
  • Remove during activities: Store your ring somewhere safe before you head to the gym, work in the garden, or participate in other activities that may increase the risk of impact or other damage. That includes visiting beaches or surfing around Los Angeles — salt water can wear down metal, and sand can get between your stone and settings.
  • Use designated storage spots: As you remove your ring throughout the day to avoid damage, use designated areas and containers where it won’t be exposed to hazards. Keep them near areas where you frequently remove your ring, such as near bathroom or kitchen sinks — just make sure to keep them well out of the way of drains.
  • Get insurance: An appraisal and insurance can protect you for the full value of lost, stolen, or damaged rings.

  • Missing Diamond Repair Options

    When a ring is missing one or more diamonds, several repair options can help restore it to pristine condition. If you don’t have the stone that fell out, our expert jewelers can help select a loose diamond that matches the size, cut, and quality of the original.

    Jewelers can also repair, reinforce, and replace damaged prongs and remake your ring. Remaking your ring allows you to change the style and add accent stones.

    How Long Does Replacing a Diamond Take?

    In most cases, jewelers can complete your missing diamond ring repair within a few days. The actual timeline depends on the complexity and extent of the damage, such as worn metal or prongs. If the ring requires specialized diamonds or other stones, we may need additional time to source the ideal materials. Once you’ve consulted with your jewelry expert, they can provide you with an accurate repair timeline for your piece. At Jeweler’s Touch, the work is done onsite by one of our 7 expert Goldsmiths. Plus we have a 24' window where you can even watch work being done. Most jobs take between 3-5 days.  And sometimes we can do same-day service for a small extra fee.

    Quality Diamonds and Rings with Jeweler’s Touch in Brea, California

    High-quality engagement rings and other jewelry should last a lifetime. Should a stone fall out of a setting, Jeweler’s Touch can help repair or replace missing stones in your ring. Serving Orange County since 1992, our certified diamontologists and other accredited experts can help with stone repair or replacement. Contact us today for a consultation.

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