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Your Must-Read Halloween Jewelry Guide

Your Must-Read Halloween Jewelry Guide

It’s time to face your fears. Halloween is finally upon us and with it comes tons of spooktacular happenings and ghoulish costumes. While planning out your scary alter ego, we suggest adding some glistening gemstones to your Halloween costume to really make a lasting impression. If you are someone that likes to stand out in a crowd, here are some Halloween jewelry ideas to make your outfit pop. 

Your Must-Read Halloween Jewelry Guide

Fall brings a rich palette of reddish hues, bursts of burnt orange, and the macabre vibes of midnight. Using the backdrop of Autumn as inspiration to assemble your Halloween jewelry pieces is sure to turn heads and garner oodles of compliments. 

Pumpkin and Jack-O’-Lantern Orange

With their fiery colors, pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns are synonymous with Halloween. That’s why choosing warm-colored gemstones like spessartite, orange sapphire, citrine, and fire opals will look ravishing paired with any outfit this time of year.

Blood Red

The fake blood flows during the month of October and so should red gemstone jewelry. Use the bold and vampiric allure of rubies, garnets, and rhodolites to accent your Fall looks. Pucker up and pop on some blood-red lipstick and pair it with a ruby pendant to really turn heads. 

The Darkest Midnight

There is beauty to be found in the shadows. Harness your inner dark side and deck yourself out with black diamonds, onyx, or Tahitian pearls to create a truly eerie look worthy of the Halloween season. 

Skeleton White

The bone-white sheen of pearls and opals is a dramatic and elegant way to slip into the Halloween spirit. Pair your pearls with a spooky pendant and some black lipstick for a gothic look, or adorn yourself in opals to dress up a mermaid or angel costume. 

Halloween Costumes to Showcase Your Gemstones 

Marilyn Monroe

As they say, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and nothing is more iconic than Marilyn Monroe in her hot pink dress dripping in diamonds. Find a platinum blonde wig, long satin gloves, and assemble a mass of diamond necklaces around your neck to have everyone swooning this Halloween.  

Sexy Pirate

“Arr me hearties!” If you have an affinity for pirates, dressing up as a sexy swashbuckler would present the perfect opportunity to drip yourself in jewels and precious metals. Stack on the gold chains, bedazzle your eyepatch with diamonds, slip on all of your chunky fashion rings and force all of the onlookers to walk the plank. 

Audrey Hepburn

Dressing up as Audrey Hepburn for Halloween is a simple yet easily recognizable costume idea. Adorn your neck in stacks of pearls, grab a pair of diamond earrings and squeeze into a tight black dress to recreate this eternally classic look. 

Fortune Teller

If you are into mysticism and magic a fortune teller may be the perfect costume for you on Halloween. Fortune tellers are known for their over-the-top jewelry. Cuff on stacks of bangle bracelets and crown yourself with a gemstone encrusted turban to really conjure up some spirits. 

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