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Are your white gold rings starting to look yellow?

Are your white gold rings starting to look yellow?

Then it's time to have them cleaned, polished and re-rhodium plated.

Most people don't notice the change at first because it happens slowly over the course of months or even years.  But little by little it takes on a yellowish shade until you suddenly notice your jewelry lacks the beauty and shine it once had.

 How fast the rhodium wears off depends on how often you wear your jewelry and what it comes in contact with, like chemicals, abrasions, detergents and even your own body acids.  Over time it will dull, scratch and come off through normal wear and tear.

Rhodium plating is a tough white metal that is electroplated on top of the gold so that the yellow disappears. Almost all white gold jewelry is rhodium plated to make them a brighter and more beautiful white.

White Gold has great endurance and durability and once it has been cleaned, polished and re-rhodium plated, it will look like new again. So bring them in and let us shine them up for you!

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