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Are There Stones More Valuable Than Diamonds?

Did you know diamonds aren’t the rarest or most valuable gemstones? Diamonds are popular for their dazzling sparkle, they’re not your only choice when buying rare precious stones. Jeweler’s Touch carries a wide selection of jewelry, many of which are set with gemstones more valuable than diamonds. Read on to learn about gemstones more valuable than diamonds.

gemstones more valuable than diamonds

Gemstones More Valuable Than Diamonds


Known for its ability to change color, alexandrite can shift from emerald green to blue to ruby red or purple depending on the lighting (usually green in natural light and red in artificial light). It was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia and this is still its primary location, although deposits have also been found in Brazil.


Not recognized as an organic gem until 1981, this stone is rarer than diamond and is only found in isolated pockets in the Rocky Mountains. It’s made from iridescent shells of marine mollusks that are over 65 million years old. It has a full rainbow hue, usually made up of reds, greens, and yellows. Rare colors like blue or violet yield stones with even more value.


Benitoite is a sapphire-blue-colored stone found only in San Benito County, CA. The state gem of California, it’s extremely rare and exhibits an impressive fire. Its level of dispersion can be less visible with a darker, saturated sapphire blue or sparkling in a stone that’s lighter in tone, giving you the option of a dark, rich tone or a bright, sparkly blue. 


One of the world’s rarest and most valuable gemstones, bixbite comes from the Wah Wah Mountains in west-central Utah. This gem is also known as red beryl or red emerald. Only bixbite from the Violet Claim of this western U.S. mountain chain can be cut into faceted crystals that make it so beautiful and brilliant. It’s been said that only one bixbite crystal is found for every 150,000 diamonds, making it a very precious gem. 

Burma ruby

A ruby stone is a rare find in itself. However, one from Myanmar is exceptionally scarce. The geology of the area has a high level of chromium, allowing for vivid reds and strong fluorescence. The color is sometimes colloquially referred to as “pigeon blood” red and can range from orangey-red to pink-red, with an incredible depth and sparkle. 


A rare gem from Madagascar that ranges from blue-green to green. It may appear translucent or pearly, but faceted translucent samples are even rarer and sought for their color-changing ability. It has a very high level of hardness, making it ideal to wear in jewelry like rings, but its composition also makes it difficult to cut.  Grandidierite is found nowhere else on Earth, and when found, the deposits are quite small. Due to its scarcity and difficulty to shape, this gem is still relatively unknown. 


Discovered in Australia in 1967, this smoky gray gem wasn’t found in samples suited for facet-cutting until 1993. More countries have found deposits. But as of 2005, only eight specimens were known to exist. Even as supplies have increased, demand has remained high and the gem retains an exceptionally high value as one of the most expensive gemstones. 

Natural pearl

Nowadays, almost all pearls are cultured and natural ones are becoming rarer each year due to pollution and overfishing. In fact, natural pearls are only found in around 1 in 10,000 wild oysters, making them an exciting find. When it comes to jewelry, some people prefer unique imperfections such as irregular shapes and those that may not exhibit a pearl-like color, as this distinguishes the natural pearl from an artificial replica.

Paraíba tourmaline

A 1980s find in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, this stone is sought after for its neon-like brightly saturated blue-green hues, which come from high levels of copper. It has also been found in Nigeria and Mozambique. The price of this gem continues to climb, making it an excellent investment piece, as well as a gorgeous addition to any collection. Its colors evoke the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gemstones

What factors determine the value of a gemstone?

The biggest gemstone value factors are how hard it is to find (gemstone rarity), where it comes from (gemstone origin), and the demand for the stone. The value also depends on the color, cut, and size of the stone. 

How does the value of colored gemstones compare to diamonds?

Colored rare gems are often valued much higher than diamonds, but it depends on their rarity and the demand for the stone. 

Which gemstones have the potential to increase in value over time?

While you can’t go wrong with diamonds, some rare gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, natural pearls, and tourmaline have also been noted as especially good investments

What are some popular gemstone options for engagement rings besides diamonds?

Some popular options are sturdy and beautiful stones like emerald, moissanite, ruby, or sapphire. Not only does choosing a diamond alternative give you a gorgeous, unique ring, but it also gives you something special that reflects your unique taste and style. 

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