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It was fate you found each other. Kismet. Destiny takes time and patience, just like cutting the Kismet 90 diamond.

The 90 facets versus the traditional 58 facets of a round brilliant diamond maximize brilliance, fire and sparkle.  It is a collection of prisms and mirrors and the alignment of these is what makes the Kismet 90 more beautiful and extraordinary.

Traditional round diamonds have had 58 facets for almost a hundred years, and that works pretty well. But cutters have always felt that the traditional arrangement just wasn’t getting all the fire that Mother Nature locked away in diamonds.

The beauty of the Kismet 90 is the arrangement of the 32 extra facets; 24 more on the crown and 8 more on the pavilion.  The additional row of facets on the crown reduces the size of the table from 58% to 45%, which enables the diamond to refract maximum light. This beautiful pattern creates prisms of light which is what the eye sees as scintillation. The Kismet 90 appears to be a higher color and better clarity than an ordinary round brilliant diamond. The precise angles of the Kismet 90 facets are what create the largest diameter possible, while beautifully reflecting light through the top.

The light entering from any direction is completely reflected throughout the top (Brilliance). It’s dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes (Scintillation) and rainbow colors (Fire). Inside the diamond, the facets act as mirrors, creating maximum Brilliance balanced by Fire and accented by Scintillation. That is the secret to the dazzle of destiny.

Every Kismet 90 diamond has high standards of proportion, polish and symmetry which deliver a bigger, brighter and more brilliant appearance.  These diamonds are inscribed with a serial number and are accompanied with their very own unique GemEx Light Performance Analysis Report. Each ring is stamped with 14 karat and the exact diamond weight.

The Kismet 90 diamond is incomparable to ordinary round diamonds in the same price range. This special diamond cut is at an affordable price that gives the customer an exquisite diamond they will be proud to own because of its brilliance and beauty.

You have to see this extraordinary diamond for yourself, but the only place you'll find a true Kismet 90 is at Jeweler's Touch.