Newborn Created Diamonds

Jeweler’s Touch Newborn Created Diamonds

 Under the intense, unwavering pressure of the earth’s crust over thousands of years, diamonds are born. Thanks to new chemical vapor depository technology, that’s not the only place diamonds are born! At Jeweler’s Touch, our Newborn Created Diamonds are conceived through a cutting-edge process that simulates the heat and pressure needed to create the traditional, earth mined diamonds.

 What Are Created Diamonds?

You might be wondering if Newborn Created Diamonds are considered real diamonds? Only if ice made in a freezer is considered real ice! These diamonds are as real as the diamonds mined right out of the earth’s crust. In fact, even a professionally trained jeweler would not be able to tell the difference. They have the same eye-catching sparkle, the same resilient consistency, and the same ability to make your love fall for you all over again. Newborn Created Diamonds are in fact, diamonds. They have the same composition of pure carbon and even the same physical marketings as earth mined diamonds. Every one of our Newborn Created Diamonds is Type IIa diamonds, which are considered the purest diamond crystals in existence. So Newborn Created Diamonds aren't just real, they are immaculate.

  • Newborn Created Diamonds an identical composition to earth mined diamonds.
  • Jeweler’s Touch New born diamonds include a grading report from an independent lab and are laser inscribed for identification.
  • All Jeweler’s Touch Newborn Created Diamonds are brought to life in a high-tech, cutting edge chemical vapor depository laboratory.
  • Our Newborn Created Diamonds allow you to purchase a larger diamond with your money.
  • Through technology that stimulated the same conditions that earth mined diamonds are born in, we are able to bring Newborn Created Diamonds to life.


Choose A Diamond Brought Into The World Just For You

Deep in the condensed crust of the earth, Earth Mined Diamonds have witnessed thousands of years of history. Conversely, our conflict-free Newborn Created Diamonds’ don’t start their life story until they go home with you. These diamonds are the best way to start the next chapter of your life or just to add an explanation point to the end of a special page. Whatever diamond your story needs, we’ve got you covered. Some of our diamonds are born underground, and some are born above, the diamond that is right for you is yours to choose! Our professionally trained diamond experts will assist you in discovering which diamond is perfect for your individual needs.