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Customers often ask us about alternatives to diamond engagement rings. Though diamond jewelry is still the most traditional choice for engagement rings, some customers are seeking something different to suit their taste or budget.

Jeweler's Touch has many alternatives for you to consider. Black diamonds, sapphires and rubies are just a few examples of the exciting diamond alternatives we offer. Unique jewelry is a very personal and meaningful investment. Have one of our experts work with you to help you design a custom-made engagement ring. Or consider some exciting alternatives to the typical bridal jewelry.

Other choices include diamond simulants (also known as imitations) which merely imitate the gem's appearance. Simulants can either be created in a factory or occur naturally. The most familiar simulant is the cubic zirconia. At Jeweler's Touch, we also offer the Lannyte simulated diamond. What sets the Lannyte diamond apart is that it more closely resembles a natural diamond when compared to the competition, is cut by hand and has intricate cuts that would not be possible with natural or other simulated gemstones.