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Plus-Sized Wedding Bands

Plus-Sized Wedding Bands

Standard wedding bands aren’t always the right size and shape. For those with wider fingers and larger knuckles, finding the perfect wedding band can be a challenge. But you can still find something that represents your love with handcrafted plus-sized wedding bands. They are among our many custom jewelry options because, at Jeweler’s Touch, we believe love is individual; our made-to-order options enable us to serve anybody.

Virtually all our wedding band designs are available in plus sizes. We can also offer unique custom-made wedding bands, and completely new designs, in the size you need as well. Whether you’re looking for something totally unique or a Tungsten Bevel Edge, Black Step Edge, or Pink Modern ring, we can adapt it according to your specific ring size.

What Is a Plus Size Wedding Band?

Wedding bands come in specific size ranges. For women, common ring sizes are around 6 or 7; sizes 10 and larger are considered plus size. The most common men’s sizes are from 10 to 11, while plus size starts at 13 and up. Ring size is determined by the inner diameter and full circumference of the band, measured in millimeters, but this converts to different values depending on what country you are in. You should therefore consult with your jeweler on the most suitable ring size for you.

Jeweler’s Touch provides ring sizing services with each purchase, in addition to many other services including precious stone replacements, custom designs, and jewelry cleaning and inspection. We even do custom engraving and laser welding.

How Much More Do Plus Size Wedding Bands Cost?

The cost of a wedding band depends on many factors. A plus size wedding band typically costs about 30% more than a standard sized piece of jewelry. The reason is we require more material to produce the band (the larger it is, the more metal, for example, that is needed). If the piece costs more to make, the jeweler charges the customer more.

Are All the Same Design Options Available?

We offer all the same options regardless of wedding band size. If resizing a wedding band affects the ratio of diamonds to gold, we will add diamonds/stones to match your design expectations. Additionally, we ensure the material retains its strength in a wider size, while ensuring it is just as comfortable. The same applies to our standard, custom, and unique wedding band designs, so even the most authentic options are available in sizes up to US ring size 22 (in 1/4 and 1/2 size increments).

Our company has gone to great lengths to ensure customers are not limited in terms of the selection of wedding bands available, no matter what size they need. Jeweler’s Touch employs a 3D CAD system, which our gemologists use to develop custom designs. From casting and fabrication to hand finishing, stone setting, and engraving, we handle the entire process, then perform a quality inspection under magnification to ensure your plus size wedding band meets and exceeds your expectations.

To learn more, browse our available wedding bands and custom design options, or call today at 714-266-3932. If you don’t find the perfect ring size and design in our catalog, contact us to order a wedding band that meets your requirements and we’ll be glad to help.

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