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How Much Does a Custom Engagement Ring in Orange County Cost?

How Much Does a Custom Engagement Ring in Orange County Cost?

In California, the average cost of an engagement ring is $9,482 (as of 2023), according to Business Insider.The state ranks second in the nation. But the cost of a custom engagement ring in Orange County can be higher or lower, depending on a few factors. 

No two customized engagement rings cost the same. Whether you’re ready to splurge or looking to save on a ring, we’ll look at a few factors that help determine its price.

What Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

You may get a different answer every time you ask this question. Some people say to spend one, two, or three months’ salary on an engagement ring, but many say to ignore this rule. A 2022 study by The Knot found couples spent $5,800 on average, based on a data sampling from across the U.S. It also found the overwhelming majority of ring buyers chose a diamond for their center stone.

Factors Affecting The Cost of a Custom Engagement Ring

As you can see, buying a custom engagement ring in Orange County can cost more than in most other parts of the country. Nonetheless, you have more control over the price than you think. This is one of the greatest perks of customizing a ring. Some of the primary considerations include:

The Center Stone

For most engagement rings, the center stone is the most expensive part. The price of a diamond is determined by its carat count, cut, color, and clarity and can vary by thousands of dollars. A bigger diamond is typically more expensive, but even stones of the same size can differ in cost depending on their grade. Mined diamonds generally cost more than lab-created diamonds, despite the two being chemically and visually identical.

Not everyone chooses a colorless or near-colorless diamond for their center stone. Some prefer fancy-colored diamonds and salt-and-pepper diamonds.. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, and alexandrite stones can also accentuate a custom engagement ring. Depending on their size and other properties, they may or may not cost less than a diamond. Aquamarine, morganite, and amethyst tend to be more affordable. But these, like other alternative gemstones, rank lower on the Mohs Hardness Scale than a diamond, so they are less durable.

Accent Stones

Adding accent stones to an engagement ring increases its price. How much depends on the type, size, and number of stones. Some of the costlier options include choosing larger side stones, creating a halo around the center stone, or using a pavé setting to cover the band with gems. The type of gem affects the cost more for side stones. Smaller individual stones tend to be more affordable, although the cost is largely determined by what your jeweler charges for labor. 

Metal Type

The most expensive metal for a custom engagement ring is platinum. It creates a secure setting, resists tarnishing, and is hypoallergenic. Gold is the next costliest metal; the higher the karat count, the more expensive the metal is because it has a higher percentage of pure gold. Therefore, an 18K gold ring will cost more than a 14K gold ring. Sterling silver is on the low end of the price scale but is more prone to scratching, denting, and tarnishing. 

In addition, metal prices tend to rise and fall depending on the economy, so the timing of your purchase can make a difference in the ring price.

Design and Complexity

Various other attributes can impact the cost of a custom engagement ring in Orange County, although not as much as the choice of stone or metal. For example, a ring that’s thicker, wider, features an intricate sculptural design or otherwise requires more metal will be more expensive. The cost of labor can also increase if the design requires casting, hand-finishing, or assembly.

At Jeweler’s Touch, we have the latest 3D CAD technology to create unique engagement rings in-house. Or, one of our skilled professionals can hand-carve a ring for you. Our team will collaborate with you during the entire process. From your first consultation to generating a realistic rendering to prototyping your design and completing production, we can provide a customized engagement ring in about four weeks.

Contact Jeweler’s Touch

If you’re looking for a custom engagement ring in Orange County, you’ve come to the right place. Jeweler’s Touch can help customize your piece in many different ways. We also sell engagement rings from many brands, so feel free to browse our collections for inspiration. During your free consultation, our designers will consider your ideas and budget, answer your questions, and help make informed decisions. To get started, call (714) 579-1616 today.




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