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Designing Your Own Engagement Ring: Tips and Tricks

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring: Tips and Tricks

Designing custom jewelry allows you to be creative and express your vision. But doing so requires a lot of thinking and decision-making. After all, the finished product must represent your personality as well as your relationship, love, and commitment. 

Customizing jewelry takes a good deal of effort too. Your input and the jeweler’s expertise go toward creating a custom engagement ring that’s like none other. If you’re new to the process, follow these tips and tricks to help it go smoothly:

Find a Reputable Jewelry Store

Custom jewelry design requires time, patience, and planning. It’s never too soon to start researching local jewelers. Once you find inspiration, you’re going to need an expert’s help and advice. Ask family members and married friends who they’d recommend. Also, search online for jewelers who offer custom design services or ask a jeweler you know for a referral. Once you find a jeweler, ask to see samples of past work to gauge their quality standards and artistic touch.

Start Your Journey as Early as Possible

Purchasing a custom engagement ring is a process that takes time. Several revisions may be required before the jeweler moves forward with production. At Jeweler’s Touch, we use 3D CAD technology and produce a 3D wax model of your ring so you know if it’s right for you. Not every jeweler is so patient. Therefore, get a sense that the company you choose will ensure you’re 100% satisfied. If, for example, you’re planning a holiday proposal or have a timeframe in mind, you’ll want to get started early enough to ensure that the engagement ring is ready.

Bring Sketches of Your Idea

You don't need to  be a skilled artist to create a sketch. It’s better than visiting a jeweler with vague ideas and a desire to be unique. Custom doesn’t always mean unique. To build your idea, browse jewelry websites and visit stores to find elements you like and incorporate them into your sketch. Is there a specific setting you like or a mix of metals you prefer? Think in more specific terms to help your jeweler understand what you’re looking for.

Learn the Qualities of a Diamond

A diamond is the centerpiece of most engagement rings. When buying a diamond, you first need to know your budget. Then think about your personal taste. But to compare diamonds, you’ll need to know the 4 C’s.  Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. The weight of a diamond is often expressed in standard sizes, but you can go in between and find a stone that’s very close but significantly lower in cost. Yet, to the naked eye, both will look equally the same.

Have a Plan

Always choose the center stone first and then pair it with the setting. Select the side stones next, if you want to include them. Next comes metal type and color (white, rose, or yellow gold, white platinum, etc.). For a fully customized set, you can also design your wedding band at the same time, so it's consistent with the look of your engagement ring.

Try Out Different Ring Settings

Do you know exactly what type of ring you like to wear? Not everyone does. Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes. The ring setting is one important attribute. You can try prong settings, channel settings, bar settings, and others to see if you like the look and feel. Do you prefer sharper lines or rounded corners? Knowing these can steer your jeweler in the right direction, although it can still take several weeks to complete custom jewelry. 

Contact Jeweler’s Touch

A family-owned and operated jewelry store in Brea, CA, Jeweler’s Touch is a business built on quality products, lasting relationships, and exceptional customer care. We specialize in creating custom jewelry and engagement rings that celebrate one of the most precious milestones in life. Jeweler’s Touch is different because we use the latest 3D CAD technology, have hand-selected diamonds, and offer financing options that help you afford the perfect ring. 

Learn more about our custom design services and contact us to start your project. To speak with us directly, call 714-579-1616 or visit our store today

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