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Clancy's Story: Starting A New Chapter In Life

Clancy's Story: Starting A New Chapter In Life

It took hundreds of hours of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That was just the tip of the iceberg! Clancy was also heavily involved in National Honors Society, varsity sports and volunteering weekly at the local animal shelter. All of these things lead up to today, her high school graduation! She had been excited to walk across the stage for the last four years and it was finally her time. She was no stranger to high school graduations, as her two older siblings had gone before her.

Clancy vividly remembers the day her twin brother and sister graduated, almost five years ago to the day. She remembers how proud her whole family was and the festivities that followed! She knew that one day they would be celebrating her accomplishments too. Today is that day! Honestly, today is special for another reason too. It’s Clancy's 18th birthday. She had always been the youngest in her class and grew up aspiring to excel despite the challenges it brought. Today she was no longer a child, she was now an adult. She was proud of the accomplished young woman she had developed into.

Clancy wasn’t the only one proud of these characteristics of hers. Her mother and grandmother were too. They raised Clancy and her siblings alone after their father, Jackson, died defending our country overseas. He was an important part of Clancy’s life, as well as the inspiration for her drive and determination both academically and athletically. He always believed in her and the limitless potential she possessed and she knew this. Her mother and grandmother knew how proud her father would be and decided they needed to do something to show her.

When her father started his career in the Marines, he couldn’t afford to purchase her mother an engagement ring. So he bought her a beautiful pearl ring to wear on her right hand to remember how pure his love was for her while he was away. This was one of her dad’s favorite stories to tell about her mom. Clancy had heard it probably a million times. Her dad’s punchline always was, “she loved that ring so much, but the day we actually got engaged she lost it!” The truth is that her father had proposed on the Santa Monica Pier as they were watching the sunset and in all the commotion her mother dropped the pearl ring into the water. Luckily it wasn’t her new engagement ring!

As Clancy crossed the stage to get her long-awaited diploma, she couldn’t help but wonder if her dad was proud of her too. After shuffling through the crowd post-ceremony, she was finally met by her family with countless hugs and kisses. Everyone showered her with love and praise, as well as gifts too. As the crowd cleared, she could see that her mother and grandmother were standing back a little distant. She slowly walked toward them and could see her mother reaching into her purse to pull out a little black box. Inside was a beautiful pearl ring, just like the one her father had given her mom over two decades before.

Clancy couldn’t help but tear up as her mother cleared her throat. “Dearest Clancy, we are so proud of all you have accomplished and the beautiful young woman you have grown into. Now that you are ready to start the next chapter in your life, we want you to chase your dreams with a fiery passion. This ring is a reminder that no matter the distance, we will be with you loving and supporting you every step of the way.” She knew this gift wasn’t just from her mother and grandmother, it was from her father too!
This month thousands of local young adults will be starting the next chapter of their lives. Some of them will be traveling great distances to start new careers or continue their education. Others will remain close by doing their part in cultivating a community we can all be proud of. At Jeweler’s Touch, we understand the importance and the significance of these accomplishments and memories. This is why are dedicated to offering our customers pieces for every occasion including graduations from both high school and higher education. Every customer has a story to tell and it’s our job to assist them in finding the perfect piece to start that next chapter. Please feel free to contact us or visit our store today, our professionally trained jewelry experts would be delighted to assist you in discovering the perfect piece based on your individual needs.

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