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Custom Jewelry Engraving Ideas

Custom Jewelry Engraving Ideas

One of the best ways to personalize a heartfelt gift is by getting it engraved. Customized jewelry and accessories are the ultimate way to show that special someone you care. But before you decide on the exact phrase you want engraved on a keepsake, make sure that you review all of your options so you get it right the first time.

Whether your intention is to commemorate an anniversary, a family member’s birthday, or one of your children’s graduations, remember that engravings are permanent. Choose your gift and message wisely before making the commitment. If you want to get a unique piece of jewelry engraved for a special occasion and are coming up empty-handed as far as ideas go, here is a list of popular sayings and occasions that are perfect for engraved jewelry or accessories.

Jewelry Engraving Ideas for That Special Someone

The art of engraving dates back some 60,000 years and has been used to personalize everything from antique timepieces to Superbowl rings, to engraved eggs and wedding bands. As with all art forms, engraving has gone through its own innovations and evolutions.

Now you can get jewelry engraved in a number of ways. You can choose to get jewelry hand-engraved, rotary engraved, or with ultra-efficient laser engraving. Whatever method you choose to customize your gift and make it more one-of-a-kind, put style and sentiment first.

Engraving Ideas for Husbands & Wives - Anniversaries or special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, make an ideal time to gift your significant other an engraved piece of jewelry. One popular engraving idea is to put the latitude and longitude of where you and your spouse first met, along with the time and date. You can always include a quote that focuses on intimacy, love, and togetherness. Some commonly used quotes for rings or lockets are…

  • “To My One and Only”
  • “My Forever Love”
  • “I Fell in Love With My Best Friend”
  • “I Will Always Choose You”
  • “Here Is Too Many More Years of Love and Happiness”

Or you could get creative and include a pet name or an inside joke that only the two of you know about. Don’t be afraid to use romantic humor or even quotes from a favorite movie or book that the two of you share.

Engraving Ideas for Parents - These gifts can get especially sentimental. Your parents are arguably the most influential people in your life. What better way to say you care than with a customized piece of jewelry or engraved accessory. Focus on fond memories, milestones, gratitude, and thanks. You don’t always have to go with the traditional set of cufflinks or a wristwatch. Some creative gift ideas could be a gold pen, fancy bottle openers, metal lighters, or money clips. Here are some sayings that you could include and personalize it as you see fit…

  • “You Taught Me Well”
  • “Couldn’t Have Gotten to Where I Am Without You”
  • “You Always Taught Me to Reach for the Stars”
  • “Thank You for All of Your Sacrifices”
  • “Forever a Momma’s Boy”
  • “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Again, you can take this time to engrave a message that only makes sense to the two of you. If you have access to your fingerprint or handprint as a child, you can choose to include that along with your birth date and the time you were born.

Engraving Ideas for Your Daughter or Son - Celebrating the accomplishments of your son or daughter is always a gift in and of itself. But if you want to commemorate a recent milestone, like a graduation or the welcoming of a new baby into the world, here are some ideas you may want to consider.

  • “You Are the Author of Your Life”
  • “Enjoy Your Youth”
  • “You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are”
  • “Reach for the Stars”
  • “Be Fearless, Be Yourself”
  • "Forever and Always Proud of You"
  • "Learn From Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"

You could also choose to engrave the lullaby you sang to them as children, or even use a quote from their favorite children’s book.

Engraving Ideas for Grandparents - Grandparents are the salt of the earth. They are there to provide infinite wisdom and guidance, as they have likely been in your shoes once before. This is a perfect time to gift them a thoughtful accessory or piece of jewelry that will pull at their heartstrings.

  • "Because of You, I Have Memories That Will Last a Lifetime"
  • "Grandmas Make Life That Much Sweeter"
  • "Best Storyteller Award"
  • "We Are Never Apart. Maybe in Distance but Never in Heart"
  • “Love You to the Moon and Back Grandpa”

Friendship Gift Engraving Ideas - While you may choose more formal and traditional quotes for your husband or wife, mother or father, when you’re engraving a piece of jewelry for your best friend, you can be as silly as you want to be. We’ve all seen the necklaces or nameplates that say ‘best friends forever’, but you may want to use this opportunity to bring humor to the forefront. But if you want to keep it simple, here are some ideas to get you started…

  • “Don’t Worry, Your Secret is Safe With Me”
  • “Soul Sister”
  • “Forever Twinning”
  • "In Good Times and in the Bad"
  • “Always Here For You”

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