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Official Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Official Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

So you’ve meticulously mapped out the moment you pop the ‘big’ question. You have the perfect precious stone picked out and you’re ready. All that’s left to do is to choose a setting. Should be simple, right? Not so fast. Choosing the right engagement ring setting is nearly as important, if not more important, than the sparkling gemstone itself.

Taking your partner’s personality into consideration is key when choosing an engagement ring setting. Is your collective style more classic, or is it unique and modern? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder afterall, and your ring choice should reflect your shared tastes. There is a wide array of engagement ring settings to choose from.

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Different Engagement Ring Settings


PRONG & SOLITAIRE SETTINGS - Solitaire ring settings fall into the Prong settings category and are arguably the most versatile of engagement ring settings. Versatile in the sense that you can pair it with diamond bands, wraps or ring guards, to really make the larger diamond ‘pop’. Usually having four prongs or six prongs, this traditional setting is a great choice for those that want a classic look. You can easily add on to it as the years go on. Prong engagement ring settings are popular because it draws the onlooker’s eye to the main event, which is the larger diamond. The prongs allow for more light to pass through the center diamond, which makes it shimmer more intensely than other ring settings. You can purchase a solitaire ring in a variety of prong counts.

HALO RING ENGAGEMENT RING SETTING - This is by far one of the most popular engagement ring settings right now. The halo setting consists of the center stone being showcased and propped up by a surrounding circle of uniform diamonds. This creates a contrast that accentuates the larger diamond and makes it appear even larger than it already is. The smaller stones help reflect more bling from the center of the ring. Overall, halo ring settings are a great choice for anyone who wants to up the amount of sparkle around a diamond ring and own a ring that is super eye-catching.

CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT RING SETTINGS - As the name suggests, channel ring settings place a row of diamonds in a band with no metal separating each stone. These are typically the choice for wedding and anniversary bands. The smooth casing that holds the stones in place creates a seamless look. If you are wanting a sleek look to accent a single stone or 3-stone engagement ring settings, channel ring settings are a great choice. This is also something to consider talking to your jeweler about if you’d like to pair the prong setting with a channel setting in the same band.

Whatever engagement ring setting you decide to choose, do your research before settling on a setting. There are so many options nowadays and jewelers are more inclined to create custom engagement ring orders to suit your every desire. Remember that your partner, or you yourself, will be wearing this ring for years to come. Get a ring setting that conveys your sense of self, that exemplifies your commitment and love as a unit. We wish you all the success in the world as you adventure forward in this life together.

Jeweler’s Touch is the foremost leader in classic and unique engagement ring settings. For the highest quality diamonds and precious stones, call us at Jeweler’s Touch: (714) 868-7556

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