Diamond Buying Tips

Buying a diamond could be one of the most important purchases in one's life. The following tips may help make it easier to make this important purchase.

Things To Look For In The Perfect Diamond

Everyone has their unique diamond preference. What style of diamond are you in the market for? Many people start their search for the perfect diamond with the idea that they will purchase the biggest one they discover. We don’t recommend this approach, simply because size doesn’t necessarily dictate a diamond’s brilliance. In fact, we would recommend starting with a few factors in mind. 

     •The amount of brilliance or shine a diamond gives off
     •The shape of the diamond
     •The cut of the diamond
     •The color of the diamond
     •The size of the diamond

The Proportions of Your Diamond

The truth is, a larger diamond doesn’t mean it will sparkle more. In fact, if a large diamond’s cut isn’t correctly proportioned, less light escapes through the top. The proportions ultimately limit the brilliance of its shine! Large diamonds are also more susceptible to inclusions than smaller diamonds. In fact, their inclusions are more likely to be visible due to their size.

If the diamond you’re searching for is the one to take your love’s breath away, then it’s not about the size of the diamond that matters the most. It’s the proportions and impeccable cut that truly determine a diamond’s brilliance!

The Color of Your Diamond

The color is often the last thing customers think about when buying a diamond. Diamonds come in a variety of colors from colorless to yellowish-brown. These color ranges add beautiful depth and dimension to a diamond. These are often used to bring a unique elegance and charm to a one-of-a-kind piece. 

The color of a diamond isn’t always about preference, though. In some cases, mounting a diamond with color to a yellow gold piece can give the appearance of a colorless stone. While it may not be the first thought during the diamond buying process, the color of the diamond is an important detail to consider.

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