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The little finger on the clock is slowly chased the larger as it crept it’s way to 7. The decedent aromas that filled the kitchen kept Jeremy excitedly on his toes. So far everything was going as planned. While dinner finished cooking, he chilled a classic bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and placed each spot with a glass for the occasion. Morgan wasn’t a high-maintenance girlfriend, so this wasn’t a typical date for them. However, that didn’t stop Jeremy from going all out for this one!

He bought candles to engulf the room in romance, even laying rose petals on the floor. Today was special, it marked 2 and a half years of being together! While they had given up on celebrating “month-iversaries” over a year ago, he felt the need to show her a little extra love this month. In fact, he wasn’t sure that she realized what day it was, only that he had invited her over for dinner at his place.

Around the two year mark, Jeremy had a realization. He had spent a few months trying to focus on himself and discover who he was. As the late Leo Buscalaia (“Dr. Love”) once said, “to love others, you must first love yourself.” While he did discover more about himself, he realized something far more important. Morgan was indeed the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with!

Even though he passionately believed in his new cognizance, he knew it wasn’t yet the time. However, he wanted to find a way to show Morgan that he was dedicated to her and the relationship. Also, that he cared for her and admired her. His aim was to do this all while not quite admitting that he wants to marry her. Of course, this is because he doesn’t want to ruin the future proposal surprise that he had yet to plan.

Although, he had already been looking at engagement rings online to figure out about how much he would need to save. That amount is part of the reason that this isn’t the right time, yet. In doing so, he discovered a perfect ring! He even visited it in the store. Delicately cradling the beautiful diamond ring only solidified what his heart already knew. That Morgan was the one and this ring was the physical embodiment of all the words he chokes on trying to tell her how he feels. So he knew, even if in the moment he was speechless, this ring would ask the long awaited question for him.

As he stood there, admiring the brilliance of the ring, he felt the urge to show Morgan how much he loved her sooner than later. He walked around the store looking for a little something he could get her in the meantime. He was about to give up, when all of a sudden there it was, a beautiful necklace that shined just like her eyes and glistened like her smile. Not to mention, it was the perfect price for his budget.

Jeremy’s alarm breaks the silence of the room, as he hastens his pace in the kitchen. Morgan was going to be there any minute! He grabs the black box off out of his bedside table and placed it in from of her spot. Jeremy can’t help but take a moment to breathe and admire his hard work coming to life. His solitary moment of pride is short lived, as a knock begs for his attention at the door. It was Morgan! He can feel his heart beat hasten as his excitement builds with each step closer. Taking a deep breath, he grasps the knob and opens the door slowly. She was as beautiful as ever, her radiant smile greeting him lovingly!

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